How to Remove Your Mugshot from the Internet

A mugshot is a photo of your face taken by the police. Such photos are taken once you have been arrested. Mugshots can be embarrassing if they are published on the internet. This article discusses some of the options that you can explore in case you want your mugshot to be taken down from the internet.

Contact the Website Owner

You can request that the owner of a website remove your mugshot. Many websites have a contact page where you can choose from a list of methods by which the owners of that site can be reached. Some sites even have a list of conditions under which such mugshots can be removed. Read that list in case you can find it. Refer to it when asking the webmaster to remove your mugshot.

Contact the Search Engine

Another option that you can try is to ask the search engine, such as Google, to suppress any search result that displays your mugshot. You need to give convincing reasons explaining why you would like to have the mugshot suppressed in search results. For instance, you can explain why that mugshot poses a threat to your personal security.

Have that Record Expunged

Different jurisdictions have regulations governing the circumstances under which someone's criminal record may be sealed or expunged. For instance, the record can be sealed in case a given period has elapsed since your conviction and you have not committed any other offence. You need to consult your lawyer for advice regarding the steps that you should take in order to have that record expunged. For instance, you may have to lodge your application before the court in which you were convicted. The court may issue a court order to seal your record if your application is successful. You can then present that court order to the webmaster so that he or she can remove your mugshot.

People who view your mugshot may not imagine that you were found innocent of all the charges that were levied against you when you were arrested. Consequently, your reputation may suffer if that mugshot remains on the internet. Contact your provider of legal services so that you put a halt to this tide of negative publicity. The lawyer will assess your specific case and advise you on which option would be the best to limit the potential damage of the mugshot that is now in the public domain. If you don't yet have a lawyer, contact a firm like CLP Legal.