Remember These Essential Tasks When Buying a Home

When you are looking for a home, it can be tempting to rush through the process, put in an offer, and sign documents as quickly as possible. While it is good to get those keys in your hand, there are some things you need to do first. Here are some important tasks to make sure you do when buying a home.

Have the Home Inspected

Before you put in an offer for a home, have it inspected by a professional. Even if it looks nice from the outside, there is no telling what the plumbing looks like or how old the electrical wiring is. Have an inspection company come inside to inspect the structure, basement and attic, crawl spaces, HVAC system, and plumbing system. They should be looking for signs of mould, pest infestation, and faulty wiring. They can also test the home for traces of asbestos.

Hire a Good Real Estate Agent

While you can do some of the home buying on your own, it still helps to have a real estate agent. They don't just help you find homes, but provide other perks as well. The agent will have listings of homes that aren't being shown to the public yet, which allows you to be the first one to put in an offer. This can be helpful if you are looking for homes in a competitive area. They will also help you with some of the legalities of buying a home, such as recommending a good conveyancer or helping connect you with a good lender.

Get a Conveyancer Early

The conveyancer is going to help you sign your contracts, transfer the title, and prepare other important real estate documents. Instead of waiting until the last minute to hire a conveyancer, you should begin looking for one early. Start finding the conveyancer when you are still looking at homes and before putting in offers. They will help you stay organised throughout the home buying process so that, by the time you are ready to sign papers, everything is ready to go.

Review Loan Documents Before Signing

The loan documents you will have when buying your home are crucial, so make sure you review them thoroughly before continuing. It helps to have an experienced real estate attorney or conveyancers look at them as well, ensuring the terms are what you expect. Pay close attention to the terms of the loan contract and verify that you are still eligible for the loan before putting in an offer or signing on the dotted line. Things can happen at the last minute, and you don't want to sign anything without having the loan process complete.