Here's what you get for violating court probation for a minor criminal offence

If a court puts you on legal probation for a minor offence, the judge sets the conditions that you have to fulfil prior to re-assessment by the court. Probation allows you to stay in contact with the other people in the community rather than going to jail. It is an opportunity for you to redeem yourself and prove to the court that you deserve a second chance. However, the court reserves the right to revoke your probation in a case where you violate the terms of probation. Here are a few things you should know regarding violation of court probation to ensure that you are on your best behaviour during probation.


Further limitation of rights and freedoms 

When you are under probation, the court can limit some of your rights and freedoms, such as movement. Specifically, it can restrict your visitation to public places such as sporting arenas, bars, or restaurants depending on the nature of the minor offence that you committed.

In case you violate any of the conditions and terms set by the court, it can annul the probation and reduce the number of rights that it allows you to enjoy. For instance, the court can add on to the list of restricted areas and restrain you from visiting more public places such as political gatherings, which had not been included before.

Imposition of additional fines

The court can ask you to pay fines to the plaintiff while you are on probation. Since this is one of the conditions provided under the terms of probation, breaching any of the other terms may necessitate the imposition of higher fines on you by the court. The court often perceives such a breach as a lack of remorse on your part, which calls for further punishment by increasing the fines.

Elongating the probation period

The court can elongate the period within which you are under probation. In most cases, such a penalty is imposed when you breach the terms and conditions of the probation involuntarily or without knowledge. By elongating the probation period, the court ascertains that you are willing to comply with the rules and change your behaviour.

A short period in jail

At times, the judge may also decide that you should serve the remaining probation period in jail if you violate the terms of the probation. The judge is also at liberty to annul the probation and sentence to a full term in jail.

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