How To Make A Car Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should make a car accident claim to seek compensation from the insurance company. Many people do not know how to make car accident claims. If you're in this situation, read this article. 

Establish The Negligent Party

The negligent party is liable for your injuries or damages. If you were a pedestrian or another road user, the vehicle that hit you should compensate you. If you are a motorist that got hit by another motorist, the car in the wrong should pay up for the damages. If you were the negligent party, your comprehensive car insurance repairs your vehicle. 

Filing Car Accident Claims With The Insurance Company

Once you establish the negligent party, contact their insurance company and file the claim. Most insurance companies will allow you to file the claim on a portal on their website. Before filling the claim, gather the facts of the incident. For example, what caused the accident? What injuries did you suffer? To what extent was your car damaged? Do you know any witnesses at the site? Did you exchange contacts with the police officer that responded to the incident? These details are essential as they will help you justify compensation for the injuries. 

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

Most, if not all, insurance companies will send an adjuster to investigate the claim. Adjusters could seem friendly at first. However, they are known to ask probing questions that could make you contradict yourself. You are not legally required to answer all the adjuster's questions. Therefore, you could opt not to answer any questions that you do not understand. 

What To Expect After Filing The Claim

If your claim is valid, the insurance company will offer an initial offer. If you think that their offer is unreasonable, you have the right to contest it with a counter offer. It would be wise to justify why you think that the insurer's offer is too low. If your vehicle suffered damages, the insurance company will ask you to take it for repairs at an accredited garage. 

Consider The Services Of A Lawyer

You do not have to go through the car accident claims process on your own. A car accident compensation lawyer can represent your interests on your behalf. The lawyer will conduct thorough investigations, prepare a watertight report and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Remember, you may not have the expertise and skill required to negotiate with the insurer's lawyers. Additionally, you may not know how to appraise body injuries. Therefore, you are likely to be content with lower compensation.