Does your personal injury case need a lawyer?

If you were recently injured due to someone else’s neglect or bad decisions, you might be owed compensation. While you can represent yourself, it might be a good idea to get a lawyer. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should hire a compensation lawyer for the personal injury case. You Have Severe, Debilitating Injuries If you slipped and fell on the property of a local business due to a wet floor and got a minor sprain, you might not have much trouble suing for damages.

What Does Self Representation Involve In A Negligence Claim?

Accident victims have the option of being their own legal representative when looking to file a negligence claim against an errant motorist. Because the average driver (or any other accident victim) is not likely to be a legal professional, those considering self-representation should brush up on their knowledge of the law in relation to negligence claims for higher chances of a successful claim. With this in mind, here is a discussion on the various elements of a negligence claim that will those considering self-representation of what to expect.

Commercial Trademarking FAQs

The use of trademarks in the commercial world can be traced back several centuries. The term trademark is used to make reference to a combination of words, symbols, and names that is used to identify a service provider or a business product. Trademarks are used for commercial branding as they help to distinguish between different players in the same industry. The Q&A session below provides answers to three common questions about commercial trademarking for the benefit of those venturing into business for the first time.