How To Make A Car Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should make a car accident claim to seek compensation from the insurance company. Many people do not know how to make car accident claims. If you’re in this situation, read this article.  Establish The Negligent Party The negligent party is liable for your injuries or damages. If you were a pedestrian or another road user, the vehicle that hit you should compensate you.

Do You Plan to Part Ways with Your Spouse Legally? Here's How to Succeed

The law allows for a peaceful separation when you feel your marriage is no longer fruitful. Even so, there might not be an amicable solution if you are in disagreement with your spouse. For example, if you hold different opinions on how to split your assets or child support, you might not manage to resolve the issues by yourselves. In that case, only an experienced legal practitioner can help you to resolve the contentious issues.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Conveyancer

Conveyancing deals with the legal details of buying and selling property. More often than not, prospective property owners are often conflicted over whether they should hire a conveyancer when closing real estate deals. Below are a few compelling reasons why you should hire a conveyancer when buying property.  Getting Value For Your Money Most property buyers get disappointed when they realise that they got less than what they bargained for. However, this should not be the case if you engage an experienced conveyancer.

What You Need to Know About Criminal Lawyers

You need a criminal lawyer if you are arrested and charged with a felony, misdemeanour or infraction. A felony carries a heavy sentence, where you can even be jailed for life. A misdemeanour, on the other hand, carries a lighter sentence, which is usually less than a year. An infraction may not carry jail time, but you might be required to pay a high fine. Here’s what you need to know about criminal lawyers:

Family Lawyers and Divorce

A family lawyer is a lawyer who works with legal matters under family law. Family law covers legal concerns about marriage, marital rights, children, marital property, etc. Here’s what you need to know about family lawyers and divorce. Do You Want to Divorce Your Spouse? You might want a divorce for many reasons; for example, your spouse cheated on you, your spouse continuously abuses you, your marriage causes you to stress, which affects your mental and general health, etc.

How Much Input Should the Kids Have During a Divorce?

Should the views of a child be taken into account when two parents separate and are trying to sort out their future? This is a question that is often overlooked, as the adults are sometimes focused on trying to sort out their financial affairs, even though they are bound by law to consider the welfare of their kids. If you’re in this situation, perhaps you should pause for a moment and think about this question.

Valid Circumstances in Which You Can Fight a DUI Charge

DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious offence under Australian law. While each territory has slightly different penalties for DUI offenders, they all agree that your licence will be suspended and you will have to pay fines. However, there are cases where your DUI charge may not be valid under the law. Being charged with a DUI offence has to be done according to established laws and regulations. If these laws are violated, you can mount a successful defence against the DUI charge.

Workplace Injuries: Why Immediate Reporting Is Crucial (Even When It Doesn't Seem So Serious)

Most worker’s compensation claims follow a fairly standard sequence of events. The injury is sustained and reported, medical treatment is sought (as needed), and a claim for compensation is made. But the human body doesn’t always stick to this sequence of events, or at least it doesn’t always stick to a specific time frame. What happens when you injure yourself at work and your injuries don’t become evident until weeks, or even months, later?

Buying a Property: What You Should Expect on Settlement Day

At last, the wait to move into your new property is almost over. But what actually happens on settlement day? Below is a brief guide to what you should expect on settlement day. Exchange of documents and payment In order for the transaction to be completed, the parties involved (your legal representative, the legal representative of the seller, your bank and the bank representing the seller) must exchange legal documents and payment.

3 Reasons Why a New Company Should Hire a Corporate Lawyer

If you are looking to start up a company, hiring a corporate lawyer is essential. There are many legal requirements and provisions when it comes to the inception of companies, its products, and the way it carries out its operations. Corporate lawyers will work closely with you to ensure that the business you have established operates legally. In addition, the corporate lawyers can also negotiate transactions on your behalf and help you to adopt the best practices to achieve maximum profits as you run the company.

Does your personal injury case need a lawyer?

If you were recently injured due to someone else’s neglect or bad decisions, you might be owed compensation. While you can represent yourself, it might be a good idea to get a lawyer. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should hire a compensation lawyer for the personal injury case. You Have Severe, Debilitating Injuries If you slipped and fell on the property of a local business due to a wet floor and got a minor sprain, you might not have much trouble suing for damages.

What You Need To Know About Co-Owning Your Home with Your Ex-Spouse after a Divorce

Going through a divorce is an involving experience with many activities that make it necessary for you to think about the arrangements you should make financially as well as for your children (if you have any). One of the most significant components during the divorce will be the division of assets. Since the house could be the single largest asset of your marriage, it can be a linchpin of negotiations for property settlement, and deciding what to do with it will often help put other issues of property into perspective, both emotionally and financially.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Buy A House In Victoria?

For many people, owning a home is a dream come true. The realization of this dream often involves much more than paying for a house and receiving its title deed.  There are a number of indirect costs that prospective new homeowners fail to include in their budget for the property in question. Many times, the sum of these indirect costs often hikes the final cost of home ownership by a considerable margin.

Can You File A Negligence Lawsuit Against A Medical Practitioner For Poor Treatment?

Patients often put their faith in physicians, entrusting these medical practitioners with confidential information in the hope of getting the best treatment. Nevertheless, certain scenarios may occur in which patients feel that they have been subjected to poor treatment within the range of the physician-doctor relationship. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can sue your physician under the following legal grounds: Medical malpractice This legal claim occurs when a doctor fails to treat a patient according to the established medical standards of care resulting in the patient sustaining injuries.

What Does Self Representation Involve In A Negligence Claim?

Accident victims have the option of being their own legal representative when looking to file a negligence claim against an errant motorist. Because the average driver (or any other accident victim) is not likely to be a legal professional, those considering self-representation should brush up on their knowledge of the law in relation to negligence claims for higher chances of a successful claim. With this in mind, here is a discussion on the various elements of a negligence claim that will those considering self-representation of what to expect.

Here's what you get for violating court probation for a minor criminal offence

If a court puts you on legal probation for a minor offence, the judge sets the conditions that you have to fulfil prior to re-assessment by the court. Probation allows you to stay in contact with the other people in the community rather than going to jail. It is an opportunity for you to redeem yourself and prove to the court that you deserve a second chance. However, the court reserves the right to revoke your probation in a case where you violate the terms of probation.

Dealing With The Debts Of Someone Who Has Died

When someone dies, their debts don’t necessarily become discharged automatically, which can be extremely worrying if you are the deceased’s surviving spouse.  So who does have to pay the debts?  Read on to find out more. Probate As the deceased’s surviving partner, you will have to go through a legal process called ‘probate’, which will be dealt with by a specialist probate lawyer.  Essentially, a grant of probate simply means that you are legally authorised to distribute the assets of the deceased in accordance with the terms of their will.

Gaining compensation as a victim of crime

When a crime is committed against a victim it sends a ripple of effects through the community. There are a variety of ways you can gain compensation for the effects of the crime on your life, as noted below. Direct reparation order A reparation order compels to criminal to either return the goods they have stolen, or pay monetary compensation for property that they have damaged or destroyed. The criminal can apply for some relief from a reparation order if they are not able to make these payments without adversely impacting the dependents of the criminal.

Your Dog Has Rights Too! A Menacing Dog Declaration Does Not Have To Mean Loss Of Freedom

Having a pet is like having an extra child in the home, but this child does not have a voice, so you need to be one for them. Just like kids, dogs can get themselves in trouble with people who don’t know them. They can come across as scary or menacing when you know very well they wouldn’t hurt a fly. When your dog has been declared a menace, you need to think very carefully about your next step because the wrong move will alter the course of your dog’s life.

Remember These Essential Tasks When Buying a Home

When you are looking for a home, it can be tempting to rush through the process, put in an offer, and sign documents as quickly as possible. While it is good to get those keys in your hand, there are some things you need to do first. Here are some important tasks to make sure you do when buying a home. Have the Home Inspected Before you put in an offer for a home, have it inspected by a professional.

Property Liability Cases You May Not Know About

As a property owner, you have certain obligations under federal, state and local laws. While these can vary, the essential point is that property owners are obligated to keep their buildings and land safe for those who are visiting or doing business there. If they fail to do this, then innocent people may suffer a personal injury that leaves them with extensive medical bills, among other issues. However, while you may be aware of the most common property liability cases, some that are a bit more unusual, or not seen as often, can be found here.

Why You Need To Get Yourself A Compensation Lawyer

Accidents in industries happen, and that is life. You will always get heartfelt apologies, and probably some get well cards too, but is that really enough? The problem now is getting compensated for your injuries. That’s when you’ll know that the company you are working for did not quite love you as much as you thought it did. In order to get some sort of remuneration from your employer, you may have to find yourself a compensation lawyer.

Helping people with intellectual disabilities navigate the justice system

In the wake of popular true crime documentaries shining a light on the plight of intellectually disabled children and adults in the US, many people are also becoming interested in how people with intellectual disabilities are treated in the Australian justice system. Unfortunately, people with intellectual disabilities are also over-represented in the Australian justice system, with up to 44% of prisoners having IQs below 70 (which classifies as intellectually disabled), and an even higher proportion with borderline IQs between 70-80.

What You Should Know About Going to Small Claims Court

If you are having an issue with a customer or client not paying their bill or going against a contract they signed, you might be considering small claims court. However, the process can be rather extensive and expensive, so you might want to think otherwise. Here are some things to know about going to small claims court and how it can be avoided. What is small claims court? Small claims court gets its name from the fact that it only handles cases of a smaller amount.

Powers of attorney for your tangible and intangible assets in your estate plan

You have been working hard for everything you have, and it is in your best interest that it be administered well in your absence or incapacity. You must be careful when planning your estate because you will determine who administers the property or possessions in your absence. Beware that some parties may have malicious interest in the property. It is prudent that you protect the rights of those who may lack adequate knowledge yet who are the rightful heirs.

Four Things to do Before Filing for Divorce

If you and your spouse are facing divorce, there are some things you should do before you file. Whether this is a mutual decision or you are filing for divorce from your spouse, you need to get your affairs in order to make the process go more smoothly. Here are some things to do before you file for divorce. Check Your Finances The first thing you should do when you are thinking about filing for divorce is figure out your finances.

Setting up your self managed super funds for success

For many people in Australia their superannuation fund is one of their biggest assets. As a result, many people prefer to have their assets under their own control, rather than paying someone else to manage their money, and enjoy the freedom offered by a self managed super fund (“SMSF”). Here are some of the issues to consider when you set up your SMSF. With/without your spouse Many people want to set up their superannuation for maximum efficiency as this can halve the effective fees you pay each year for accounting and reporting services.

Commercial Trademarking FAQs

The use of trademarks in the commercial world can be traced back several centuries. The term trademark is used to make reference to a combination of words, symbols, and names that is used to identify a service provider or a business product. Trademarks are used for commercial branding as they help to distinguish between different players in the same industry. The Q&A session below provides answers to three common questions about commercial trademarking for the benefit of those venturing into business for the first time.

Three Things to Know about Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

When you get cosmetic surgery done, you assume that it is a simple outpatient procedure and there will be no problems. Unfortunately, some patients have issues when their surgeon or other medical staff was negligent and it led to personal injury or emotional or economic turmoil. This might eventually lead to a malpractice suit. Here is more information about this type of medical malpractice. What mistakes can be made during cosmetic surgery?

How to Remove Your Mugshot from the Internet

A mugshot is a photo of your face taken by the police. Such photos are taken once you have been arrested. Mugshots can be embarrassing if they are published on the internet. This article discusses some of the options that you can explore in case you want your mugshot to be taken down from the internet. Contact the Website Owner You can request that the owner of a website remove your mugshot.